Friday, March 29, 2013

Really Behind

It has been a very long time since I have blogged. January was a cold, snowy month as usual. Not a lot going on. I did do a lot of scrap booking. In fact, I have scrapped about 1 1/2 years of scrapping and will be caught up to the year 2004 when I finish the rest of my half year. Since the weather has changed, I have a hard time doing very much each day. Hopefully I will keep going and get it done. At the end of January we watched the Johnson kids while their parents went on their cruise. That is always fun. Valentines came and it was the first time in 24 years that I haven't had to work on Valentines. So, I actually made a candle lit dinner and had gifts for John for Valentines. It was fun to do. I did miss doing flowers though and I wondered how the day went at the flower shop. Oh well, life changes. I am finally going to have my knees done. I need them both replaced. I went in and they decided to do all the pre-ops. Whoops, my blood pressure was sky high. Dr. Mills told me to go see Dr. Zollinger about my blood pressure. It was out of control, so I am now on blood pressure medicine and I had to go to the hospital and have an echocardiogram to make sure my heart was good. The results came back good. My blood pressure is a lot better and so I am scheduled to have the surgery on the first knee on April 3rd. Oh, I pray everything will go good and I can have a very speedy recovery. This past weekend John and I went up to Island Park with Tif's family for the weekend. We stayed in their friends cabin. It was so nice and relaxing. I could have stayed for a week or two. Tomorrow is all the Easter egg hunts around the valley and Sunday is Easter. We are going to have our first cookout of the year and pray the weather will be nice. Heather and Lizzie are coming up for the next week. It is spring break and she wants to be here to help me a little when I get home from the hospital. It will be fun to have them here. Well, I hope everyone is ready for spring and that you all will have a Happy Easter. Take care and be happy.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas to Everyone

 This year for Christmas we had so much fun.  We started off with the big "ORR" party of course.  We always go to the Egin church and have a big orrdeal.  Vickie's family was in charge and they did a super job.  They had a ham supper, games, bingo, a pinata, Mrs Claus and of course Santa Claus.
The next day, Sunday, we had our Poulsen family party at my house.  We had hoagies, salads, relishes, cheeseballs, crackers, and lots of treats and goodies.  That evening we went to the cemetery to sing Christmas carols to all of our loved ones.  That afternoon the kids did their gift exchange.  They rotate family names each year and buy for that family.  We had a super time.  I wanted to take pictures of each family because they were all here.  So, here they are.
 This is a picture of Brett and Tiffany's family.  Conner, Brett, Tiffany, Bryce, Kallie and Malorie.

 Here is Heather's family. Heather, Lizzie and Koby.

   This is Trever's family, Jaimie, Trever, Isilee, Tyce.
        Bridger and Jacie.
                                     Christopher's family, Christopher, Courtney, Max and Ella

 Lindsay and Rob's family, Lindsay, Adrie, Rob, Taylie and Camri

     Davids' family, Heather, David and Nikida

After coming back from the cemetery, we played games, ate treats and had a really fun time.  Heather and I just about wet our pants when we played the games.  It was pretty funny.
 On Christmas Eve Day we went to Tif's and ate finger foods and then made gingerbread houses.  We do this every year and it is a great time for all.  Heather, Koby, Lizzie, Grandpa, and I spent Christmas eve together.  We shared Christmas morning together and then Trever's, Lindsay's, and Heather's families came for dinner.  We had soups and rolls, crackers and relishes.  We had a wonderful holiday season and we hope you all have a very Happy, Prosperous New Year!!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


This past week we had our annual Family Reunion. Tiffany's family was in charge this year. We left early Thursday morning and headed to Utah where we started with a very 'SWEET" deal. We went to the Sweets candy warehouse and store where they took us on a tour of the candy making place. It was awesome and very informative. Afterwards you could sample different candies and then shop at the store. We all bought some sweet treats. We then headed to Hogle Zoo. Brett and Tif stopped and picked up pizza and breadsticks and drinks. We went inside the zoo and found a nice shady place to eat and then went thru the zoo. It was great! It has changed so much since I was last there. Lots more shade and lots more exhibits.
My favorite was the polar bear. He put on quite a show for everyone. He would swim and then come right up to the glass in front of the kids. They all loved it. The sea lions were fun to watch underwater also. We had a great afternoon at the zoo!
When we were finished, we went back to our motel and checked in. We waited for a few latecomers to arrive and then we went to In and Out Burger for dinner. Afterwards we swam at the motel for an hour or so and then finally went to bed. It was a very busy day, but oh so much fun!
Yeah for Friday!!!! I think the kids were the most excited for this day. We went to Lagoon. It has been quite a few years since I have been to Lagoon. They have lots of new rides and the trees have grown so much that it isn't too bad as far as heat. We played and played all day and into the night. We got there at 11:00 and we didn't leave until 11:00. Everyone rode and rode and all tried new and exciting rides that they had never been on. A few of them even swore as they were getting ready to take off or drop.(Not to mention any names, Koby and David)
The little kids loved all the rides that they could ride. And the adults got there fair share in too.
It was a super day!!! Everyone was tired and all slept pretty good.
Saturday came and we slept in and then went and swam before we had to check out. We then went to a park where Brett and Tif provided lunch and had fun games to play. We also did crazy skits that were really fun. Everyone won prizes and enjoyed the day immensely. For our final event, we went to the Brigham City Temple open house. It was beautiful and so nice to be able to see it. It was a great weekend and I am so sad that it is already over. Thanks Tif, Brett and family for making us some great memories to share. We love our family very much and are so grateful we get to spend time with them.

Monday, June 25, 2012


I haven't posted for awhile so I am going to play catch-up. The months just seem to be flying by.  I can't believe that June is almost over and it is almost the 4th of July.

We have done a few fun things this spring.  We went to Yellowstone Park with Tif and her family and it was awesome.  We seen Buffalo with their babies, a black bear, elk, coyote, deer, and a Mama Grizzlie with 2 cubs.  I have never seen that much in the Park before. It was a great day.
We have celebrated a few birthdays.  We went to Logan for Max's 2nd Birthday and that was fun.  He was super excited .  Isilee and Jacie both had a birthday and today is Lindsay's birthday.  She is 26.  Boy, I'm getting old.  We went to Post Graduation in Boise for David.  He is a jailer and had to go do that for 5 weeks.  John and I spent the night in Boise and had a nice time just being together for a couple of days.  We have celebrated Mother's Day and Father's Day and that is always nice.  The kids spoil us, but it is fun!!!
We also went to Christophers Graduation in Logan.  He graduated with 2 Masters.  We are very proud of him.
We celebrated Memorial Day and everyone was here but Koby, Heather, and Lizzie.  We had an indoor cookout of course.
Grace was here for 8 days and Russ, JJ and RuthAnne came and spent the night.  They all went with us to watch The granddaughters do their dance recital.  What great sports.

Heather and Lizzie are coming up in a couple of days to spend a few days.  Then, we are going down for the 4th and the car show.
Christopher and Courtney just found out they are expecting a little girl in November.  That will give us 10 granddaughters and 5 grand sons.  They are the best!!!!

John and I are both busy working.  I take a little more time off than he does.  He works way too much.
We have a huge garden this year and lots of yard work.  John does a lot of it and it looks really nice.  I have been trying to get rid of all the weeds in the garden and am slowly accomplishing that.  That darn Eve!!!  We wouldn't have all these weeds if it wasn't for her.  HaHa!

Life is good and we are Happy.  We are so blessed with wonderful kids and their families and we love them all very much.  Have a great summer and do SOMETHING FUN AND MAKE SOME MEMORIES!!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Today is the first day of Spring 2012. It is cold outside and overcast. We had about an inch of snow yesterday and it was windy and cold. I sure hope it comes soon, spring that is. The snow has all melted today.
We really have nothing to complain about though. Our winter was unreal, very mild and hardly any snow. I only remember driving on snowy roads a few days last winter. It was really nice.
The spring work is just around the corner and I don't know if I am ready for all of it. It is a good thing I have John to help me because we have a lot to do.
Last week, Lindsay, the girls and I went down to Heathers for a few days to just get away and visit and relax. We had a nice time. I read lots of books to my grand daughters, we went swimming, we watched movies, took the girls pictures and did a little bit of shopping. It was nice, but time goes by so fast.
This week, John and I will be going to Boise on Thursday and Friday for David's graduation from Post. He has been there for 5 weeks doing and learning the things he needs for his job as a jailer. It will be nice to get away again and hopefully it will be really warm there.
Well, hopefully spring is on its way because I think I am ready. I hope you all have a great week and are excited for Spring to Spring forth. See ya later.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Great Times in Island Park

Last Friday afternoon the Johnson family picked us up and we headed to Island Park for a night getaway in the famous cabin (BRETT"S HOT TUB CABIN) It was so much fun and so relaxing. It was just what we needed. When we got there, some of them went for a snowmobile ride, some of us just relaxed, and some just played and played. We had a super time. We ate great food, played games, played pinochle, made hairbows, sat in the hot tub, and snowmobiled. On Saturday they all rode the snowmobiles quite a bit. Brett was tired of putting on snow clothes all thruout the day. At one time, it was really snowing and blowing. They were on the snowmobiles and I was sitting in the hot tub with the snow just drenching me. It was awesome, and so beautiful. They kept saying the roads were closed and Malorie and I were excited to think maybe we would get to stay over another night. But, we headed home about 7:30 that night. The Ashton hill was very slick and then there was such a terrible storm once we got to Ashton you could hardly see 2 feet in front of you. It lasted all the way to St. Anthony and then it cleared off and was nice.
It was such a fun weekend and we really want to thank Tif, Brett and the kids for inviting us. Thanks again. We love you and appreciate you.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


We survived!!!!! Yea!!!
Valentines has come and gone and lots of women are probably really happy that they were remembered by their sweethearts. I can honestly say that I helped a lot of that happen. We were so busy at the shop for 4 days straight. It was wild at times, but the girls that helped at our shop did an awesome job. We kept up very well and they all were very happy and helpful. Tiffany helps us every year and she does such a great job keeping us all organized with the orders, answering the phone, waiting on customers, and wrapping flowers. Thanks Tif. We couldn't do it without you. My honey bought me a pretty card and we ate Fongs. It was great! I hope you all had a super Valentines Day. I had to work the day after and it was pretty busy also, but today I am at home being really lazy. Yesssss!!!!!