Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas to Everyone

 This year for Christmas we had so much fun.  We started off with the big "ORR" party of course.  We always go to the Egin church and have a big orrdeal.  Vickie's family was in charge and they did a super job.  They had a ham supper, games, bingo, a pinata, Mrs Claus and of course Santa Claus.
The next day, Sunday, we had our Poulsen family party at my house.  We had hoagies, salads, relishes, cheeseballs, crackers, and lots of treats and goodies.  That evening we went to the cemetery to sing Christmas carols to all of our loved ones.  That afternoon the kids did their gift exchange.  They rotate family names each year and buy for that family.  We had a super time.  I wanted to take pictures of each family because they were all here.  So, here they are.
 This is a picture of Brett and Tiffany's family.  Conner, Brett, Tiffany, Bryce, Kallie and Malorie.

 Here is Heather's family. Heather, Lizzie and Koby.

   This is Trever's family, Jaimie, Trever, Isilee, Tyce.
        Bridger and Jacie.
                                     Christopher's family, Christopher, Courtney, Max and Ella

 Lindsay and Rob's family, Lindsay, Adrie, Rob, Taylie and Camri

     Davids' family, Heather, David and Nikida

After coming back from the cemetery, we played games, ate treats and had a really fun time.  Heather and I just about wet our pants when we played the games.  It was pretty funny.
 On Christmas Eve Day we went to Tif's and ate finger foods and then made gingerbread houses.  We do this every year and it is a great time for all.  Heather, Koby, Lizzie, Grandpa, and I spent Christmas eve together.  We shared Christmas morning together and then Trever's, Lindsay's, and Heather's families came for dinner.  We had soups and rolls, crackers and relishes.  We had a wonderful holiday season and we hope you all have a very Happy, Prosperous New Year!!!!

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Brett and Tiffany said...

Glad to see a post mom! Keep them coming! Christmas was fun! Now I need to take down Christmas decor!